Five Benefits of Living Off-Campus

University of South Florida entrance

On-campus living works well for many people; even so, the benefits of living off-campus are far too many to ignore.

If you are studying in Tampa or plan on doing so soon, check out what you can gain by finding and renting your apartment off-campus.

Personal Freedom

The University of South Florida has strict rules for on-campus students. Candles, electric heaters, and portable heaters are banned. Toasters, hot plates, and popcorn poppers are forbidden, as is cooking in your dorm. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests, which means that you can be penalized if you invite a friend or family member over and that person doesn’t follow the dorm rules. All pets other than fish are prohibited. These are just some of the many rules you’ll have to adhere to if you want to live on-campus.

One of the great advantages of living off-campus is that you’re treated like a responsible adult. If you want to own a pet, you can. If you feel like lighting a candle, you can. Parents and family members always have an open invitation to visit. These and other freedoms not only improve your quality of living but also help you prepare for life as an adult in the “real world” after graduation.

Freedom to Live Alone or Pick Your Roommates

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of living on campus is that you have to give up a lot of personal freedom in exchange for the “convenience” of on-campus living.

At Halo 46, we understand this perfectly. That’s why we’ve created a program where we can match you up with another student roommate, making it effortless to share common areas, expenses, chores and break the boredom.

What’s more, our apartment complex has an entire community of college students just like you. It’s an excellent way to meet new people, exchange ideas, and make real friends while saving money. And because we’re located near the university, you’ll never feel isolated from the rest of the world.

Here are some reasons why you should consider living with roommates:

  • Learn more about Tampa. Share your city experiences with other students. You will learn more about the city, and you can ask questions and discuss issues.
  • Make new friends. You will bond with your roommates as soon as you move into the complex. You’ll enjoy spending time together, learning about each other, and exploring the city together.
  • Get involved. You’ll be able to participate in activities and events organized by our community.


Halo 46 bedroom

Experience your college years at USF in style at Halo 46


Now is the time to start building a record that will help you buy a home after graduation. Paying your rent on time and keeping your apartment clean and damage-free shows future landlords that you are a responsible renter who can be trusted to take care of a rented property. Having such a record will serve you well if you decide to rent an apartment in the same city after graduation or if you decide to move away for work. What’s more, it will boost your credit score as you continue making regular monthly payments on time, which will make it easier for you to obtain a low-interest mortgage loan if you ever decide to buy a house after college.

Lower Costs

A common misconception is that living on-campus is automatically cheaper than renting your place. This can be true in some cases; however, it is possible to save money by living off-campus if you find the right place. You can rent a large apartment with a group of friends and keep costs low by sharing expenses for food and entertainment.

Amenities Galore

We offer you the community experience while giving you luxury student housing. We want to be a part of your life and help you achieve your goals, whether it is celebrating with friends or studying for an exam. We’re here to make sure that you don’t feel homesick. We lay a solid foundation, so you have the stability to focus on your studies and explore life.

Halo 46 offers a wide range of amenities that make life easier for you:

  • A resort-style pool is just beyond your door. Relax in our communal, relaxing environment.
  • We know your schedule is unpredictable – but with a 24-hour fitness center, you’ll never have trouble fitting in your workout.
  • Our computer lounge gives you access to all the multimedia tools you need, without the trip to campus.
  • Welcome to your HQ for fun. Unwind during a busy day and celebrate big wins with whatever activity fits your mood in our game room.
Halo 46 pool

Take advantage of on-site amenities and explore the vibrant neighborhood surrounding Halo 46

Halo 46 offers fully furnished student apartments in various sizes and price points to make it easy for you to find the living quarters that best suit your needs and budget. What’s more, we are located on a direct bus route to USF to make it easy for you to get to classes and back even if you don’t have a vehicle.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our apartments, amenities, and other services, or to schedule a tour at your convenience.