Housing for International Students Attending University of South Florida


Congratulations! You have been accepted to the University of South Florida, one of the top schools in US.

Now that you’ve made it don’t get lost in this fun and thrilling new world! You want to make the most of your college experience, whether you’re coming from your home country or you’re a transfer student.

And you can only achieve this by finding a convenient place to live off-campus while at school. Choosing a living space with good amenities, close to campus, and near shopping and dining outlets will enable you to settle down smoothly and focus on school.

The nice thing about being an international student is that there are no more rules from mom or dad. It’s up to lead a responsible life! Now, with all of your newfound freedom, this means you can choose what kind of living situation best suits your lifestyle. You could rent an apartment with roommates (and possibly a pet), sign up for a dorm room, or even rent out the whole house!

Benefits of Our off Campus Apartments to USF International Students  

With an estimated enrollment of nearly 50,000 students, the University of South Florida is the largest public university in Tampa Bay and the largest university in Florida. The large number of international students at USF makes it one of the most diverse universities in Florida.

This university has on-campus student housing that accepts international students to cater to its growing population. However, due to the high population of students, it’s challenging for an international student to find space or even time to find one. As an international student, it is essential to have a great experience in your first year.

We are going to list some benefits of our off-campus apartments for USF international students:

We Are Located Close to the University of South Florida International Student Office

As an international student, it is vital to have a support system when you are away from home. The University of South Florida has quality support systems to provide international students with all the help they need.

However, if you want to help when needed, it is best to stay close to the office. It will enable you to get help when needed or even find an international advisor about various issues.

The university has various offices that provide student support services. These include immigration issues, working off-campus, and student visa information. Our apartments are a five-minute drive away from the University of South Florida International Student Office, so you don’t have to take hours to access support.

Simplify your living expenses: internet, electricity, water, and sewage are all included in your monthly bill.

Simplify Your Living Expenses

Our off-campus apartments are designed to make your living expenses as affordable and straightforward as possible. Rather than dealing with multiple bills for your housing, laundry, electricity, water, heating, and commonly used amenities like a fitness center and clubhouse, we offer all-inclusive pricing with our rental units. Internet, electricity, water, and sewage are all included. There is a $30 conservation cap on electricity and a $10 conservation cap on water and sewage.

We handle all of the maintenance for the property, so you don’t have to deal with repairs or upkeep of the grounds. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to address any issues or concerns you may have when you move in.

We strive to make our student apartments as comfortable and enjoyable as possible to focus on your studies. Our student housing is fully furnished, so you’ll need to bring your clothing and personal items.

We Are Located Close to Study and Work

Of course, nothing beats the convenience of living close to campus. You will spend less time traveling and more time studying or exploring the great city of Tampa. Whether it be a fifteen-minute walk from campus or a five-minute bike ride to class, you will appreciate the convenience of having your studies and home life within such proximity.

You can always take a bus to get away for some time and still get time to study and attend classes. But there are other perks, too. College towns like Tampa tend to have a lot of fun and affordable activities that help you make friends. As a college student, you’ll be able to take advantage of many things like cheap movie tickets or discounted athletic events.


As part of the Halo 46 online application, you’ll have the ability to add future roommates to your application to create a roommate group.

Living With Roommates

When you’re a new student, you never know who will end up being your roommate. In a traditional apartment, you may get stuck living with a stranger. But when you live in student apartments, our apartment complex will match you up with another student roommate. All you have to do is complete a roommate questionnaire to provide our team with insights on your living and study habits and any requests.

The survey covers typical study habits, music and television preferences, noise level preferences, cleanliness, and other general questions to make your living experience as pleasant as possible. We utilize this data to make the best roommate matching decisions available.

Additionally, Halo 46 has an entire community of college students for you to meet. This is a great way to explore new friendships while developing life skills essential for your future professional career. It will teach you how to budget your money and time wisely while also developing the communication skills needed to manage your own space with others.

Get Best Student Living Experience at USF

It’s tough being a new student on campus. You’ve got classes to finish, friends to make, and so much more to discover! But finding the right place to live is tricky. A few Google searches can result in hours (and maybe even days) comparing student apartments. So the listings can also be overwhelming.

Do they include parking? Are utilities included? Trash pickup? Washer and dryer? What about maintenance? Will you have to take care of your meal plans?

The team at Halo 46 has your back by providing essential information about each one. Live in style and comfort at our apartments, where cutting-edge amenities keep you energized, connected, and relaxed.

We want you to feel at home in your new Tampa apartment as soon as possible! Our maintenance team provides seven-day-a-week services, so you can get any eventual problems fixed quickly.

Have any additional questions about our furnished student apartments? We want to hear from you. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.