University of South Florida: Part-Time Jobs for Students


Broke college student stereotypes are portrayed in numerous TV shows and movies.

However, the inspiration for these stereotypes comes from the truth many students live each year. College is a major expense, and students are often thrifty with their spending and meal prep. Unfortunately, tight budgets and questionable meal choices are not always enough to make ends meet. Therefore, undergraduate and graduate students must find part-time jobs to offset the cost of books, meals, and rent.

If you are a student at the University of South Florida and need a part-time job to help with daily expenses, you may be wondering where to start. As a top tourist destination, Tampa offers multiple part-time employment opportunities for students, and USF even provides jobs for undergraduates and graduate students. This list will help you with your Tampa job search and find a job that doesn’t interfere with your educational commitment while helping with your career goals after graduating.

University of South Florida Student Jobs

Universities are aware that many students need to earn extra income to help offset their educational expenses and reduce the debt accumulated during their college journey. The University of South Florida offers part-time student jobs to allow you to earn needed income without the worry of interfering with class schedules. USF students can take advantage of part-time positions with the university, or some may qualify for federal work-study opportunities.

Federal work-study jobs use your class schedule and academic progress to determine your award amount, which sometimes limits the number of hours, AKA: how much you can earn. The advantage of scoring a work-study position is that students often get placed in jobs related to their field of study. Work-studies can work either on or off-campus. When assigned an on-campus position, you’re employed by USF, and off-campus work is often with private nonprofits or public agencies.

Since you must meet certain requirements for a student work-study award, not everyone qualifies. Luckily, the University of South Florida also has traditional part-time job opportunities. These USF jobs typically consist of working at the school cafeteria, on-campus dining spots, the library, or other on-campus offices. Consider talking with career services to find all current part-time University of Florida jobs available, or check out the USF’s online job board. Create an account with Careers@USF and start your search! You can also use Handshake to view off-campus opportunities. Some University of South Florida jobs may include:

  • Office help at the admissions office.
  • Administrative specialist.
  • Assistant for department heads.
  • Research associate.
  • Student program specialist.
  • Foodservice worker.

Newspaper Classifieds

Tampa Bay Times is the newspaper that keeps the Tampa and St. Pete community informed. It is also an excellent place for University of South Florida students to search for part-time job openings. Many stores around the city sell the daily newspaper, and you can even pick up a copy on-campus. Or, if preferred, you can read Tampa Bay Times online. Search their online classifieds for current jobs around the Tampa area.

The Oracle is the weekly USF student newspaper to keep undergraduates and graduate students up-to-date on current happenings and includes a classifieds section with job opportunities. You can pick up the latest edition at several on-campus locations or view the job classifieds online.

If you are interested in the written word or the world of advertising, you can contact The Oracle about job opportunities with the on-campus newspaper. You should contact them upon the start of the semester or at the end of a current semester about the upcoming semester because they want to fill positions as early as possible to avoid disruptions in their publication. Typical The Oracle job opportunities include:

  • News editor
  • Sports editor and assistant editor
  • Opinion editor and co-editor
  • Staff writer
  • Editor-in-chief
  • Photographer
  • Designer
  • Videographer

Each semester USF hosts a job fair allowing students the opportunity to meet with potential employers.

Remote Part-Time Job Opportunities for University of South Florida Students

The pandemic has caused many companies to shift to remote work and opened up numerous freelance jobs. Remote positions are great for students to work while attending college, as remote jobs are often more flexible than traditional part-time opportunities.

The variety of part-time remote jobs available means that you may even find positions that align with your field of study or future career goals. You can use popular job boards, such as Indeed, Ziprecruiter, or LinkedIn, to find current remote jobs. Also, if you are searching for earning extra cash with ultimate schedule flexibility, you should check out freelancer job sites to see if any current opportunities interest you. Try searching the following for freelance roles:


As a busy USF student, traditional part-time jobs can be difficult to manage while pursuing your degree. Since freelance jobs are usually as-needed, it can be a great way to supplement your income on your schedule. While it may not provide the same consistency as traditional part-time jobs, freelancing puts you in control of how much you earn and how often you work.

USF Job Fair

Each semester Career Services provides a number of programs to help you explore different occupations and learn about the career options available to you. These fairs and events help you connect with employers and search for part-time, internship, Co-op, and full-time positions. All fairs and events are open to all USF students and alumni.

Here are a few guides for the USF career fairs:

  • In order to meet with employers and sign up for virtual one-on-one or group sessions with recruiters, you will have to register for the fair.
  • Once you’ve registered, you will be able to sign up for one-on-one and group sessions with employers. Employers will set up their schedules in the Handshake fair and you can pick an available time that works well for you.
  • From helping you learn how to research employers to prepare you to give an elevator pitch, Know Before You Go has all the information you need to get ready for the fairs!
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